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Jimi Hendrix- Left Handed Guitar

I am sure you all know about Hendrix. In my opinion he is a best guitar player ever and I am also sure a lot of you will agree with it. However there are some things in Hendrix’s life you probably don’t know nothing about.

For example, did you know that his father believed that left-handed playing comes from a devil? He forced young Hendrix to play right handed. That is how Jimi became ambidextrous. His father taught him to play right handed but since Hendrix was naturally left handed, he was learning how to play left handed every time when his father weren’t there.

 Can a left handed person play a right handed guitar?

Jimi was also one of those who were playing right handed guitar upside down...

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Left hand mandolin is a bit tricky to play, even more than a left handed guitar. Although mandolin can be a great instrument for newbies,  it is natural  to feel kind of strange when you try it for the first time. The advice is very obvious – find a good teacher. A lot of left handed mandolin players try to learn it on their own, but that is not what I would advice. However, if you are tight on a budget, you can always find a good examples of mandolin tabs for left handed beginners.


I strongly suggest to start with “flying fingers” and try to get rid of that. This is one of the most common beginner’s mistakes for left handed mandolin players. They often watch some of the great mandolin players and it seems that their fingers almost don’t move at all. This is an advanced technique...

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Left Handed Guitar Chords “First things First”: How to Choose a Guitar

Choosing a guitar can be really hard, especially if you are left handed.  Some of the most important  things to consider when choosing a guitar for left handed guitar players are: obliviously- the type of guitars: somebody likes a single magnets, such as Fender Stratocaster. Somebody prefers two humbuckers and a single magnet (Ibanez JEM for example), etc.

Left Handed Guitar Chords
Other  important thing to consider when buying a guitar, especially for guitar chords left handed is music genre you want to play. Blues music has its own standards which pretty much can be easily implemented in beginners left hand guitar chords lessons, but heavy metal, for example, has a lot of  difficult scales such as harmonic minor scale which would be ve...

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Today, we will talk about left handed guitar vs right handed guitar, what are the advantages and disadvantages and who are better guitarists. Left handed and right handed guitar players are similar in many ways but they can be very different. Actually, I am not sure do you know, but there are a few of guitarists who have mastered both left and right-handed guitar playing.

LEFT HANDED GUITAR VS RIGHT HANDED GUITARYou can acutally try both right-handed and left-handed when playing guitar and obviously- go with what feels natural. In 99% of the cases it will be your primary hand, although there are a few examples in a guitar history where people with dominant right hand played guitar with the left hand.

There were always some kind of rivalry between these two groups...

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How are Grammy Winners Chose

I am sure most of you heard about 56 annual Grammy Awards which took place at the Nokia Theatre and the Staples Center in Los Angeles on January 26th. This time  host of the Grammy Awards was LL Cool J. This was a spectacular night. It was opened by no less spectacular performance by Jay Z and his wife Beyonce, perfoming their duet song called ” Drunk In Love “.

Grammy winners 2014 and how are Grammy winners chosen?

Daft Punk are the biggest Grammy winners of 2014. This French duo will remember 2014 Grammy award night for whole of their lives. Of course, the most important ones are awards for the album and the video.

Macklemore and Lewis won awards in four categories, just one less then Daft Punk...

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